Is this RAM compatible Please help =]?

Answer I dont know about macs. But i can tell you that the proccesor is for fast running of programs. RAM is for opening multiple programmes at once. Say a game uses 500 mb of ram, it would fit 8 x to 4gb... Read More »

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Is ipm compatible with bbm?

First, go to the mailbox you want to delete emails from. Then click edit on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click the white dot that appears on the left of the email and when it's check-m... Read More »

Is USB 2 compatible with USB 1?

USB 2.0 will work with USB 1.1. However, the USB 1.1 will be the speed bottleneck. This means that the fastest possible transfer speed will be 12.1 Mbits/second.References:Everything USB: USB 2.0, ... Read More »

Is AGP 8x compatible with AGP 4x?

AGP 8x video cards do work in AGP 4x slots, according to Directron. Using an 8x card in a slot meant for 4x cards means you can only run at 4x speed.References:Directron: What is 1.5V AGP and .8V AGP?

Is my psu compatible with my cpu?

It should be. As long as it has the standard ATX plugs (24pin connector and the 4 pin) it will work.They standardized these things years ago