Is this MRSA or Just a Spider Bite?

Answer If it goes away by tomorrow, it is likely a spider bite. If it looks the same or worsens, it may be a skin abscess.Neither of these will cause any symptoms unless you are allergic.A bite may itch f... Read More »

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What Kind Of Spider Bite Or Bug Bite Is This.?

These are called boils. Soaking in hot water helps these heal, and now the skin is broken, you should use a topical antibiotic.Any bug or spider bite that doesn't heal after a couple days, is likel... Read More »

Is it a spider bite or just my sandals lol?

No, you didn't get bit by any spider. They are a bit like an ant sting or mild bee sting, and you are likely going to catch it in the act.Even the brown widow isn't going to bite unless you go trai... Read More »

Do i have an abstence or just a spider bite?

You should not allow the pus to touch near by tissue as it can spread it .

Is this a spider bite?

Might not be a bite at all, more likely an infected pore (boil) or some other minor injury.The red may be minor infection. Just wash in HOT water. maybe a topical antibiotic.If it doesn't hurt, it ... Read More »