Is this MESSED UP or is it just me?

Answer Very!Unprofessional and inappropriate. Legally they are not suppose to bring up religion in the work place. regardless of family owned, franchised or not. Its separation between the state and Gov... Read More »

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Is myspace messed up or is it just me?

Why did my wiki page (not wikipedia) just go all messed up?

Just keep pressing buttons (especially those close to enter) totally at random and see if that helps.

My daughter just put a magnet on my computer screen, and it messed the color all up, is there any way to fix?

Every one who said Degauss is right. Just pick the clearest of the best. Here is a little article on what they are telling you:…

Could this of messed up my teeth?

unless you wanna cut straight through your gums, then your only choice IS braces