Is this ALLOWED on Wikipedia!?

Answer It's for information, hopefully little kids won't be searching that so problem solved.

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Am I allowed to translate wikipedia articles in order to make new wikipedia articles in my mother tongue?

Not only is that allowed, it's encouraged. Just be sure to cite the specific revision you've translated.

Why is anyone and everyone allowed to edit the the Wikipedia?

It has millions of articles, and, along with the number, it's hard to always get new info and update it. They probably also figure other people know more than them. There are main owners who check ... Read More »

Are we really allowed to edit information in wikipedia?

Yes you can edit every article, but you have to have correct information and state a good source, otherwise "wikipedia editors" who are paid to just sit around and check every edition, will questio... Read More »

Why arent we allowed to use wikipedia for research reports?

An expansive and systematic study of all of the edits made for one calendar quarter (late 2007) on Wikipedia's 100 articles about the hundred U.S. senators showed that the content in those articles... Read More »