Is this 3rd or 2nd degree burn, plz help I am freaking out?

Answer When they say 3rd degree is white they mean its permenetly white because the burn has gone so deep that it has damaged blood vessels so there is no blood in that part of the skin. However your burn... Read More »

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What degree burn is this?

Homeopathy :-CALENDULA OINTMENT to heal instantly and without any scars nothing like Calendula for open deep wounds gashes or burns. Take care and God bless you

2nd degree burn help?

First off, stop using ice to take away the burning effect. Ice has been proven to cause more damage to burned skin than anything. Don't use butter! That's an old wise tale, it doesn't work, and ... Read More »

Help Second degree burn?

1. Take an aspirin2. Apply a cold wet towel but do not add aloe 3. After about 30 minutes, apply cortisone or a very small amount of aloe. If it still hurts to apply aloe, Crush a few aspirin pills... Read More »

OMG, 2nd degree chemical burn on my hoo haa. Please help?

this is so moved me to tears! i wish my boyfriend would do something like this for me! if i wasn't gay, i would stalk you and email you incessantly!