Do other countries refer to our food as 'ameican/canadian food?

Answer They might. Maybe when they eat apple pie they say

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What food is truly Canadian?

The poutine, a concoction of gravy and cheese curds over a plate of fries, can be ordered nearly everywhere in Canada. However, it would be easier to find a selection of regional dishes that can on... Read More »

Uniquely Shaped Beds for Kids?

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Canadian food recipe?

PoutineFrench fires with cheese curd and gravyYUM…there is no real "typical" Canadian foodwere are a multicultural nationhamburgers and French fires are ty... Read More »

Canadian food that's not available in Brazil?

The first thing that comes to my mind is maple syrup. Although one can find maple syrup at import stores, it is very expensive down there. (there are also several fruits that are not available in B... Read More »