Is there website that will give you your rental history?

Answer Yes

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How to Fix a Bad Rental History?

A bad rental history can have a negative impact on your ability to rent an apartment or even to get a first-time home loan. If your bad rental history is haunting you, there are steps that you can ... Read More »

Do you need a rental history to rent an apartment?

On One Hand: The Benefits of Rental HistoryRenting or leasing an apartment, condo or house is easier if you have positive rental history. Many places require a rental history report to find out the... Read More »

Verification of Rental History for an FHA Loan?

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers loan guarantees to qualified borrowers in order to make mortgages more affordable. The FHA writes these guarantees as a promise to a conventional len... Read More »

How do i add a rental history to a credit report?

Review Rental InformationReview your rental history information before requesting it be added to your credit report. Late payments, evictions or collection activity will adversely affect your repor... Read More »