Is there way to remove a deeply rooted malware or virus etc?

Answer The first poster has the right idea as far as the two tool minimum statement. But, for best results always run at least 2 tools in SAFE MODE. Also, the BEST option is avoid any and all malware (vir... Read More »

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How do I remove Windows virus scan malware?

Download Windows Malicious Software Removal ToolDownload the Windows Malicious Software Removal tool from the Windows download website or from Windows Update. Click on the installation file downloa... Read More »

Does anybody know a program to remove malware, trojan or any other type of virus ?

bitdefender is the best one for winlaptop: can help detect and remove any malware and keylogger spyware.

Do I have a virus or malware on my mac?

My guess is that you recently downloaded something gave out your email or joined a site that has given out your name and checked your address book. Never hurts to have more than one antivirus. avg ... Read More »

Malware or virus - or what?

I don't think it is malware or a virus, although you could run a scan with Malwarebytes to be sure.It sounds to me that removing the applicable program removed the driver for whatever the hardware ... Read More »