Is there water on neptune?

Answer The gas giant Neptune at the outer edge of the solar system consists of hydrogen, helium, water and silicates. The thick layer of gases compress into liquid near the rock and ice core of the planet... Read More »

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Does Neptune Have Traces of Water?

Neptune, aptly named after the Roman god of the sea, is believed to contain water and ice in both its core and middle layer. Scientists came to this conclusion after studying the planet's mass, mov... Read More »

Are there any moons on Neptune?

The planet Neptune has 13 moons as of February 2011. Astronomers first believed Neptune had three moons. The 1989 Voyager flyby discovered another five moons, bringing the count to eight. Between 2... Read More »

Is there gravity on Neptune?

There is gravity on Neptune, and its surface gravity is approximately 110 percent of Earth's surface gravity. Multiply your earth weight by 1.1 to find what your weight would be on Neptune.Source:C... Read More »

Is there methane gas on Neptune?

According to the National Air and Space Museum's website, Neptune's atmosphere includes methane as well as hydrogen and helium. The atmosphere mimics Earth's, with clouds and storm systems; however... Read More »