Is there such a thing a "too much" tea?

Answer It has caffeine in it...., unless it herbal.I'd probs stop now!

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Is there such thing as having too much tea?

No. Too much caffeine could probably be bad for you.Too much sugar could be bad for you.I drink lots of decaf tea with sweeteners and semi-skimmed milk. After switching from sugar to sweeteners for... Read More »

Is there such a thing as drinking to much water?

Yes there is, it is called Hyponatremia. I had never heard of such a thing until my husband went to basic training for the army. It's very uncommon unless you are an athlete or are working out a lo... Read More »

Is there such thing as drinking too much water?

Um, there was a local radio contest....having to do with who could drink the most water... One of the contestants died. The radio personel were fired. Yes you can drink too much water and it can... Read More »

Is there such thing has drinking too much water?

Yes. But you'll have to drink LOTS of it. I doubt you are over hydrated.