Is there such thing as this Camera?

Answer Actually, several years ago Sony released a camcorder that under the right conditions and with a certain filter could "see" through clothing - but only certain materials. Once this was discovered S... Read More »

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Are camcorders a better thing to have rather than just a camera?

It all depends if you just want to take pictures or if you want to take videos. Both are great of course, but what is it that you enjoy doing. Or there are some cameras that take pictures as well a... Read More »

Where can i buy a camera wire thing?

You can find one on Ebay or other shopping places online if you search for the manufacturer's part number (check the manual).BUT... I'd suggest buying a card reader. You can either buy one that do... Read More »

Is there such a thing as a camcorder witha built in digital camera?

I doubt there is a camcorder on the market these days that doesn't also take still pictures. However if you want good quality video and good quality still photographs you will not find this in one... Read More »

I lost my USB cable thing which connects my camera to the computer. Where can I buy another one?

Radio ShackBest BuyWal-MartEbayCircuit CityCompUSAUSB cables only come with a few different connectors. If you have an MP3 player it may use the same type of USB cable.Good luck (try Wal-Mart)