Is there such thing as organic supplements like taking say Zinc capsules?

Answer a) Organic Zinc SupplementThis article gives details about chelation and forms of zinc with their processing… Zinc is not easily absorbed in the body unle... Read More »

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When should you start taking raspberry leaf tea capsules?

It depends on the woman, and the stage of labor. In my case they felt similar to that aching feeling you get when you smash a finger or toe, but in my abdomen and very extreme. Others say it feels ... Read More »

What are the other possible side effects of taking flutamide capsules?

In a medical study, when flutamide was taken together with an LHRH agonist, the most common side effects were hot flashes, loss of sex drive (libido) and impotence. In addition, some men had diarrh... Read More »

Will taking too much magnesium cause a zinc deficiency?

On One Hand: No Deficiency does not list a possible zinc deficiency as a side effect or symptom of overdose when taking any of the three most commonly used form of magnesium: magn... Read More »

Any one ever heard of taking a zinc supplement for the common cold?

yes zinc can help overcome a cold, but it's not the only thing you will need. Zinc helps stop the production of bacteria that spreads during a cold. What you also need is more vitamin A, C, B-co... Read More »