What were aliens in Sci-fi entertainment that were said to be attractive and were there any male aliens like that?

Answer Depending on the usage it can show political boundaries such as states and county lines, ( the most common usage) or in shaded maps somewhat similar to Weather maps- being temporary things- may, us... Read More »

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Can anyboday remember a show where aliens came to earth and had the President hold a vote if you sent all dark skinned blacks with them the aliens would purify the earth.?

What do aliens like?

No one knows. We don't know if aliens even exist at all.

Is the thing on the table in Torchwood Episode 9 of season 1 the thing that closes anomalies in Primeval?

yes it is i noticed that as well. us eagle eyed veiwers ay

Is Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D?

"Monsters vs. Aliens," released in 2009, was the first computer-animated film to be created entirely in 3-D. Many films, in contrast, are converted to 3-D after the production of the film.Reference... Read More »