Is there such a thing as "soda rehab" or similar?

Answer Ok no affence to ur friend but her problems are in her head, u cannot be addicted to soda.. I dont even belive u can be addicted to alcohol... Its the frame of mind u have and she is a suger addict

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Is soda ash and sodium carbonate the same thing?

Sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash, is used to make baking soda. According to Arm and Hammer, to make baking soda, soda ash is mined and dissolved into a liquid. Carbon dioxide is then used t... Read More »

Me and my friend are opening a soda bar. regular soda is great but what would be good soda mixtures?

personally i know frutopia and sprite is good but fresca and sprite works too

Is there such a thing as vegan cottage cheese And does it taste/look similar to actual cottage cheese?

You could make it? http://www.veganvegetariancookingschool.……I can't vouch for the taste however, have never tried it:)

How old do you have to be to work at Applebees, or a similar restaurant, or McDonalds, or a similar restaurant?

15 in some states with a work permit from your school.At 16 you can apply anywhere. If you make it a career tell the hiring manager thatand he will be far more likely to hire you. They love Waitres... Read More »