Is there such a thing as "soda rehab" or similar?

Answer Ok no affence to ur friend but her problems are in her head, u cannot be addicted to soda.. I dont even belive u can be addicted to alcohol... Its the frame of mind u have and she is a suger addict

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Is there such a thing as vegan cottage cheese And does it taste/look similar to actual cottage cheese?

You could make it? http://www.veganvegetariancookingschool.……I can't vouch for the taste however, have never tried it:)

Is there such a thing as an MP3 CD?

MP3 CDs do indeed exist. MP3 CDs are compact discs with MP3 files stored in data form. Many home and car stereos developed in the 2000s support the feature to read these discs. The advantage to a... Read More »

Is there such a thing as blix?

'Blix' is a nickname for the bleach/fix solution in photographic chemical processes.

Is there such thing as free sky?

Yes there is. However, to access the service you need a dish and a Sky Box.Have a look at: