Is there such a thing as gifted children?

Answer With understanding. If this person is important to you, you might discuss it with them, or with a professional who could give you some insight into ways to handle your friend's swings.

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Lists of gifted children in the Philippines?

If you count the jet stream then the prevailing winds are from West to East making the the West coast the windward side. (This is of course given that the assumption is made over a period of time.... Read More »

How to Motivate Lazy but Gifted Children?

It can be extremely frustrating for parents to see their gifted and intelligent children disregard education and motivation in preference of a lazy lifestyle. However, this is often the case with g... Read More »

Teaching Ideas for Gifted Children?

To encourage academic growth, gifted children should be academically challenged. Whether a student enjoys the work or not, requiring additional work can be discouraging. Instead, help gifted child... Read More »

How to Assess Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, a child is considered gifted when he demonstrates high intellectual, academic, creative, artistic or leadership ability. Although assessing gifted stu... Read More »