Is there such a thing as a blue diamond?

Answer According to the Natural Color Diamond Association, blue diamonds exist, but are exceedingly rare in nature. As of 2010, only the Cullin Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, produces blue diamonds. One ... Read More »

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Is there such a thing as an MP3 CD?

MP3 CDs do indeed exist. MP3 CDs are compact discs with MP3 files stored in data form. Many home and car stereos developed in the 2000s support the feature to read these discs. The advantage to a... Read More »

Is there such a thing as blix?

'Blix' is a nickname for the bleach/fix solution in photographic chemical processes.

Is there such thing as raw flash?

Is there such a thing as a toy Chihuahua?

According to the American Kennel Club, there is no such recognized breed as a toy Chihuahua. However, Chihuahuas are members of the "toy" group. There are breeders of dogs called "toy Chihuahuas," ... Read More »