Is there something you can take to keep mosquitos away A vitamin or something?

Answer If you take B vitamins or garlic that will keep them away.

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What are the benefits of taking vitamin b6, calcium with vitamin D and magnesium supplements?

There are no benefits other than avoiding the consequences of a deficiency. In fact taking some of these vitamins can cause problems depending on the condition of your health but for most people t... Read More »


Tea tree oil is great; the smell is a bit strong, but the benefits outweigh the smell...if you have already been bitten, it is a natural antiseptic, and it also dissuades the hungry mosquito from d... Read More »

Can a vegan get vitamin B12 from the vegetables without ever using vitamin tablets?

No fruit or veggie contains B12.Supplements needed? According to leading vegan experts, yes you need supplements.…http:... Read More »

A question about mosquitos!?

Repellants actually don't repel, they just make you "invisible" to the mosquitos by masking your body heat. There aren't any ways to keep mosquitos away in a natural environment.