Is there something wrong if your child has continuously gritty feces?

Answer a fun booklet for learning an having fun to help hospitals.

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Will it harm a child if he continuously swallows his gum?

Answer It depends on how much he swallows. A couple pieces a day probably won't hurt him.As long as he doesn't lose his appetite for proper food.

Was it wrong of me to teach my child the wrong numbers, colors, and letters?

Honestly Court, you did most of us parents with really stupid kids a favor. Now all of our special ed kids seem really smart compared to your idiot kid. I am definitely nominating you for Parent of... Read More »

Could there be something wrong if you are 20 weeks pregnant with your third child and you haven't felt your baby move like you did with your last child?

Answer It is impossible to say. Only an ultrasound could make you relaxed, I suppose. Please see your doctor if you are worried. Good luck to you! Answer I am sure things are just fine, but it's... Read More »

Is it wrong that whoever gave birth to an adopted child isn't allowed to know what happened to that child?

Let me be very very clear when I type this.RECORDS WERE NOT SEALED TO KEEP THE MOTHERS AND CHILDREN FROM KNOWING EACHOTHER. There is no reason for privacy and secrecy. Mothers were NEVER promised i... Read More »