Is there something wrong if my knee is still not totally healed?

Answer Hi. pearl, in these kind of operations, it takes at least a year for your knee to heal some people it takes longer. Continue to see your Therapy they will continue to make sure you are doing all... Read More »

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How do you tell your cousin that her boyfriend is totally wrong for her?

Giving relationship advice is always difficult, especially if your ideas of a relationship is not the same as your friend/cousin. The most important thing is to listen to one another and allow each... Read More »

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What's wrong with my leg/knee?

It could well be muscular or ligament damage. You would be better off going to the hospital to get it checked out. If its always giving way then that needs to be seen and properly diagnosed. They w... Read More »

What's wrong with my knee?

If your knee is in fact injured, then continuing to run on it will only cause it to get worse. You need to stay off it a few days to see if it gets better or go see a doctor.