Is there something weird with my Facebook?

Answer it means you accidently favorited them or somethig. I favorited my best friends so when they post new things I can see, lol I sound creepy but hahahah

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Is it weird to IM someone on Facebook who you don't know?

It's slightly awkward I imagine but no risk no reward. I'd start with start with a hey or something smaller. Don't over do it either. If she doesn't respond, don't keep iming her.

Weird Facebook messenger?

That's happend to me!!! These hot girls ad me then send me a msg saying hey then say they have to go and to send them my #. Then when I do they txt me with the same website....its a porn site. So I... Read More »

Is it weird to friend someone on Facebook you've just met?

Just send the request it can't really hurt and if she already gave you her number I'm sure its okay to friend her on fb. I have done that before they were ok with it. The worst she would do is not ... Read More »

Weird message on Facebook, what does this mean?

he probably just broke up with his girlfriend, and is going thru the girls he talked to in the past and sending them all an innocent message like that to see if they will reply, because he needs/wa... Read More »