Is there something to be concerned about with breast calcification?

Answer On One Hand: Calcifications May Be of ConcernBreast calcifications (deposits of calcium) are identified on a mammogram test. Sometimes these calcifications are labeled "suspicious," meaning that th... Read More »

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With only 3-4 weeks left would genital soreness similar to unfulfilled arousal be a sign of labour or something that you should be concerned about?

Answer No, this is normal. It's just due to the pressure of your baby on your pelvis and pushing down on an already very blood filled and vascular area. Good luck!

Is this something to be concerned about?

Forget the math and put a good healthy diet together on paper. Make yourself follow a healthy time table and eat a reasonable amount of the food. At first your body will object. Because it isn't us... Read More »

Is this something I should be concerned about?

Yeah, it sounds like a problem to me. You really might want to get an electrician out there to take a look, especially if there are other electrical problems in the house. I think the expense wou... Read More »

What old cartoon is this...there was a boy and a seagull and something about a harbour I think his dad was dead or missing and maybe theres something to do with a flute or a dragon im not sure?

I cannot recall a Cartoon specifically on this line, though plots dealing with ( Daddy Hunts) were at times almost a staple in some juvenile films , this is rather HEAVY ballast for a cartoon show.... Read More »