Is there something safer to smoke than tobacco.?

Answer fish

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Is there a safer drink out there other than Gatorade?

Get you even more mad, check the sodium level.Pretty high.Try coconut water.Doesn't taste like coconuts.High in potassium,more electrolytes.

What is more unhealthy, tobacco smoke or incense smoke?

Incense is toxic on the first try, unlike tobacco, which can take years to cause any major side effects.Incense, known as k2, spice, or synthetic weed, is fatally toxic to your system and can perma... Read More »

Are there any studies on whether swimming pool tube slides are safer than open slides?

Answer According to the workers, tube slides are definatly safer than open slides. With open slides, there is a higher chance of people falling over the the side.

Is there something higher than the cia?

They use the Berretta m9 with optional silencer for assassinations.