Is there something better than dvd shrink?

Answer On One Hand: Better DVD Backup SolutionsThe newest version of DVDShrink was released in 2004. Since that time, great software such as DVDFab and Handbrake have been released. These newer DVD backup... Read More »

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Is there something better than pandora radio?

In 2010 will there be a phone better than the iPhone or is there already one better than the iPhone?

Phones will continue to become more like our computers. There will always be a better, faster, smaller, more functional phone down the line.As far as service goes, the future is wi-fi, cell technol... Read More »

I need something better than MS Paint to do anime. Help?

You may be interested in some of the following applications: http://www.onli... Read More »

Is there something higher than the cia?

They use the Berretta m9 with optional silencer for assassinations.