Is there someplace I can go to get money help in Indiana?

Answer Assistance benefits in the State of Indiana are coordinated through the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) and within that department, there is a Division of Family Resources that pro... Read More »

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How to Go Someplace Your Parents Won't Let You?

Want to go to a place? But your parents won't allow it even though they let you go other places by yourself? Well its time to find out how to go there without getting in trouble with the folks!

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How Do I Collect Money From a Bankruptcy in Indiana?

If you are a creditor that has been informed that a debtor who owes you money has filed for bankruptcy, you understandably want to collect on the debt. Unfortunately, you must cease your attempts a... Read More »

Is Countrywide still loaning money in Indiana?

Countrywide is no longer loaning money in Indiana because the company no longer exists. Bank of America purchased Countrywide in 2008. Indiana residents can apply for mortgages through Bank of Amer... Read More »