Is there someone who takes photoshop requests?

Answer Nope, nobody will edit it for you!But this edit is called Image morphing, here have a look on tutorial :)…Hope that makes sense :)

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If i block someone on facebook but had them as a neighbour on a game will they get requests?

no, you can not see their profile, and they can not see your profile, therefor you can not send any requests or even chat to the person xxx

What would you do if someone you work with every day requests you on Facebook but you don't want to accept it?

Maybe use the excuse that it's strictly no business coworkers, bosses etc. My facebook is only for close friends and family! How does that sound? Good luck!

Is there any way to cancel all of my sent friend requests at one time on Facebook ?

You are waiting to park & someone takes your spot...?

I gave all that up by just going straight to an open area away from the store. Saves gas, reduces stress, gives you more exercise.I kinda chuckle at the petty competitions going on nearer the front... Read More »