Is there someone online on skype now?

Answer Hey!Yes, there are millions if not thousands and thousands of users who are online on Skype right now. If you want to talk to anyone, feel free.Have fun!₮ ᗪᴀʀᴋɴᴇss ₮

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Can you see if someone is online on Skype if they removed you from their contacts?

No, you can't. Either they are online or offline all you see will be a gray "?" next to their name

Skype Question Do my contacts have to be logged into Skype for me to see them online?

It's only when they log into skype. You can set it so that no one see's that you are logged into skype though, so just because skype says they are not there does not mean they aren't, it just may m... Read More »

Is there any way i can skype with my friend without skype?

Well no. You both must have Skype in order to have a Skype based conversation.

Is there any way I can work for someone in the US online while I am in New Zealand?

Yes you should be able to and they can just pay you via paypal. I imagine you will owe tax somewhere although not sure how that would work.