Is there some way to reverse-engineer my scanner to make it a printer?

Answer Sure you could! About 4 years of mechanical engineering class, another 3 learning the machinist trade, another 3 in advanced electronics, etc etc. and you should be well on your way to getting it d... Read More »

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Are there any all-in-one printer scanner copiers out there that will function without full ink?

very few and for good reason. running without ink will burn out the heads. But there are printers where the ink is free or close to it. No excuse for every running out.Epson wins for best price/fea... Read More »

I need a fast all in one printer or just a scanner! looking for some suggestions.?

If you'll do equal amount of PHOTO and business printing than get an Epson.If you'll be doing mostly BUSINESS printing and only occasional photo printing then get an HP.The quality of scanning wi... Read More »

Is there a device which wud serve as a printer,scanner also to send fax?

they are called all-in-one printers. every manufacturer makes them from Canon, brother, lexmark, epson and HP, if you want a quality one then buy a HP. they have, hands down, the best printers on t... Read More »

How to Reverse Engineer a Photomatix Watermark?

Photomatix is a graphics program that allows you to create high dynamic range, or HDR, images. HDR images have greater tonal range than standard digital photographs. In the free trial edition, Phot... Read More »