Should i go to school tomorow ( i have a cold)?

Answer Take some nyquil pm and see how that helps. I hope you feel better so you can return

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Im about to smoke weed tomorow , just for once but im not sure if i should. just once!?

DOn't make such a big deal out of it!! Weed is fun, it's a pary favor it's not crack cocaine If your trying it for one experience, good luck - weed doesn't even effect people the first time they tr... Read More »

How can I be immune to that virus tomorow (April 1st)?

To be immune to the virus(Conficker), various sites first tell you to have the security update patch for Windows. It does not assure you to be safe from the virus.The best way to be safe is to down... Read More »

I've got an interview at a nursery tomorow what should I wear?

In college, before we entered a classroom to teach or observe we had to pass "The Test". If we had on a skirt we had to bend over and if you could see your panties you were out! Bend over (like y... Read More »

I need to stay awake and energized from 8am-1pm tomorow, HOW!?

Just get a good nights sleep without all the distractions from family the night before. Just reiterate to them that I am on a mission to stay awake tomorrow and lock yourself in your room thinking ... Read More »