Is there risk in having a hip replacement?

Answer On One Hand: Hip Replacement Carries RisksThere are some risks involved in having hip replacement surgery. These include, according to the Mayo Clinic, blood clots, infection, fracture (of good par... Read More »

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Is there anything that increases a person risk of having a baby with moebius syndrome?

The disease used for the movie Jack in which Robin Williams ages at a fast pace is called Werner Syndrome.

Could there be a risk for your baby if you had an x-ray for a broken finger when you were 6 weeks' pregnant and now you are 18 weeks and thinking of having an abortion?

AnswerGet an ultrasound done. Instead of an abortion try adoption. There are families everywhere looking for babies. It costs you no money. Sometimes it even covers any medical care you need done i... Read More »

My mom is at risk of having breast cancer!!?

There are Many reasons why she would be told there was something wrong, it could be that she breathed during the test, or that she moved, or that they saw calcifications on her mammogram, which is ... Read More »

What is the risk of having a baby at age 45?

the only real risk to the baby is a higher chance of Downs syndrome, there are other risks associated with the pregnancy such as premature birth etc. but overall there is no real reason why a woman... Read More »