Is there residual gas after you shut off the gas valve to an appliance?

Answer There will most likely be some residual gas left in an appliance after shutting off its gas valve. Gas that's already flowed into the appliance won't disappear; it has to find a way out. How much i... Read More »

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Is there residual gas after you shut off the gas valve?

As of 2010, when a gas valve is shut off from a newer furnace or boiler, there will be residual gas. This is because of a design change in gas furnaces and boilers that resulted in gas being trappe... Read More »

How to Fix a Shut Off Valve?

The job of a shutoff valve is to either allow water to pass through the valve and into the water line (pipe), or stop it from passing through. The valves themselves are usually soldered into the wa... Read More »

How to add sink shut off valve?

once again Google to the rescue-- GOOGLE " how to add sink shut off valve" how to videos.This process is too in-depth for me to just sit and type here for you without knowing if you are using Coppe... Read More »

How to Repair a Shut Off Valve?

Shutoff valves are in a variety of locations in a home or business, under sinks and toilets, in basements and utility closets and outside. They are generally sturdy hardware, but over time leaks ca... Read More »