Did NASA find water on Mars?

Answer Yes.

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How will NASA look for water on Mars?

There is no fear of loss of human life and less resources are needed to keep a robot running than to sustain a life support system. Astronauts are more capable than robots and more resourceful shou... Read More »

Is there really a point to pouring a little hot water in the teapot, swirling it, and pouring it out first?

If you put boiling water into something cold, it loses heat to the cold pot. Tea is best made with boiling water, so you warm the pot to keep the water at as high a temperature as possible. You can... Read More »

Is there a gazebo in Le Mars?

Yes, the city of Le Mars, Iowa has a gazebo located in Foster Park. The 1.8-acre park is found at the intersection of Central Avenue and Sixth Street Southeast. The park was added to the National R... Read More »

Is there ice on the surface of mars?

In 2003, California Institute of Technology scientists reported that after studying satellite images that the poles on Mars consist of water-based ice. In 2009, NASA reported that a satellite retur... Read More »