Is Switzerland really such a safe place to live in?

Answer Hey, I've been living in Geneva for 2 years. It is ridiculously safe!! Yes occasional robberies and murders happen like in every other city, but you can walk around safely at night and the chances ... Read More »

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Is there REALLY such thing as a vegan?

As someone who's been vegan for 20+ years, I strongly disagree with the claim that anyone can be 100% vegan (in an industrialized country).If you're using a computer, it most likely contains steari... Read More »

Is there really such thing as quick sand?

Yes, there really is. It does occur naturally in some areas. It's basically a thick bog and it's sand or dirt mixed with water. You do sink because it's water and people freak out and it's hard ... Read More »

LADIES:Is there really such thing a "Happy Period"?

Sure, for the first few minutes when you can do the "Thank God I'm not pregnant dance" or at least that's what me and my future husband do every month.

Is there really such a thing as an allergy or intolerance to refined sugar?

A friend has a daughter with food allergies. It impacts her behaviour so much she was at one point erroneously diagnosed with ADHD. Refined sugar & red food dye make her coo-coo. Did you know a ... Read More »