Can drinking too much soda cause diabetes i really don't drink water at all i'm really bad?

Answer yes it cause diabetic in your body if you continues to do that u never live long life and also eat junk food and candy......but u can also drink diet soda for less also victim here

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Is there a hangover at the end of being high like there is after a night of drinking?

Depends on what drug you used. Most of them will give you a hangover effect which is usually a craving for more of the drug. Your bodys way of asking you for more.

Is drinking coffee really bad?

One cup a day is completly fine there are actually benefits to it ... its when you drink 5 it may cause adverse effects... kind of like wine 1 glass a day is actually very good for y ou but if you ... Read More »

Is drinking lots of lucozade really bad for you?

It will raise his chance of him developing diabetes. And yes , it is bad for himPS , stop posting this regarding your friend , your secret's arent working

My kidney really hurts after drinking?

Dehydration!Drink LOTS of water or it can get serious.