Is there really gov't grants out there to assist individuals?

Answer Yes, there really are gov't grants. Matthew Lesko, even though he sounds like a doofus on TV has very informative books about what's available and how to qualify, etc. Here is a link to his info on... Read More »

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If the switch to digital TV is govt mandated, is that the US govt Ie, will I still get sexy Mexican channels?

If you can pick up the signal from Mexico now, then you will be able to pick it after the US does it's transition. You will need an "old" analog TV or a converter box with analog pass through. Yo... Read More »

Grants for Unemployed Individuals?

Unemployment can be transformed into an opportunity to refocus your career. Job training or completion of a college degree can greatly enhance your chances of reemployment, and grants can help cov... Read More »

How Do I Find Grants for Individuals?

Grants for individuals can be more difficult to find than grants for small businesses or nonprofit organizations. But there are grant opportunities available for individuals through local charities... Read More »

Federal Government Grants for Individuals?

The website is the website to find all available federal grants. Although it is rare to find grants offered through government agencies exclusively for individuals, there are plenty of g... Read More »