Is there really gov't grants out there to assist individuals?

Answer Yes, there really are gov't grants. Matthew Lesko, even though he sounds like a doofus on TV has very informative books about what's available and how to qualify, etc. Here is a link to his info on... Read More »

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Are there small government grants for individuals?

The United States government does not award personal grants of any amount to individuals. However, individuals may be eligible to receive educational grants from the government by applying for fina... Read More »

Adoptive Incentives Why are there so many programs to assist PAP's and so few to assist families?

Oh, but didn't you know, they're introducing legislation to now give "birth" MOTHERS a tax credit for surrendering their children where for the first year of the childs life the "birth" mothers ( a... Read More »

Are There Really Free Grants for Women Over 50?

A grant can serve a variety of purposes: it can put you through school, help you perform research in your field or even help you pay living expenses during hard times. As a woman older than 50, you... Read More »

Igraduated back in 2001 but I still owe on a student laon, are there any grants out there that i can apply for?

There are a few options, but they are not easy ones. You could become a teacher and teach at an inner city school for a couple of years. Join the military. Do volunteer work through Americorps. Do ... Read More »