Is there really any way of keeping a pc 100% safe from trojans?

Answer yeah lol never have the internet connected----edit----there is one way there is a program called DeepFreeze made by fatronics i think you can pay $30 to use software for life, you install it and wh... Read More »

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How do I copy photos from my hard drive to a DVD for safe keeping?

Try the following free software: it, create a new data collection, and simply drag the folders you want to your disc.Then press burn and you are done.

If you had to take one thing from your house.........but nothing else for safe keeping what would it be?

Are there any safe pop-ups, and can you really win the prizes?

uhm... NO. Thing is, that probably 90% of those pop ups are either scams or just sites that gather information to use it later for spam and publicity. There could be some that are legal, but with t... Read More »

Is there a law against keeping a child from seeing his parent on court-ordered visitation rights?

Answer The "court order" is just that ... an order! If you have visitation rights by the court then you have the right to see that child(ren.) If your spouse refuses to comply to the court ruling ... Read More »