Is there really a site called Facebook sluts?

Answer Most probably.....considering the fact that Facebook is a most popular site nowadays. The unrestricted chance of exploiting the self is tempting? Those who are really on a 'hunting cruise' would ... Read More »

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Is Facebook really going to become a pay site?

Definitely not true. It would be stupid for Facebook to lose their advertising revenue and try to gain subscription revenue.Any time ANY free service/site becomes popular, there are ALWAYS people ... Read More »

Is there proxy site that allows facebook chat to work?

go onto the "notepad" type in "" save it as a ".bat" file under "all files" anywhere you want, then close notepad and open the thing you just saved command prompt will come up and all yo... Read More »

What is this site called, "Tagged" I get some unwelcome someone wants to meet you on there. I did not sign?

"Tagged" is a website much like myspace and facebook (A poor spinoff really, atleast in my opinion).There are people on websites like "Tagged" (and not only reserved to tagged only) who sign up and... Read More »

How does Facebook site becomes a world popular When there is so many other social sites?

A good question JE SuisOK, the first thing at all and a biggest thing is hacking,Facebook is very secured so that hacking is lower than other social networking sitesThan, Facebook offers many type ... Read More »