Is there really a Baroque style smotherbox?

Answer I dunno... I'd almost tend to side with Wikipedia on this one. It's important that your smotherbox fit in nicely with your home decor, or else people who are coming to visit for formal dinner parti... Read More »

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How to Decorate a Living Room in French Baroque Style?

When decorating a living room in the French Baroque style, just imagine the Disney movie, "Beauty and the Beast." The decor of the Beast's mansion was completely designed in the French Baroque inte... Read More »

Is there any I can speed up my internet, because it really, really slow please I need help. Thankyou.?

All those other answers are nice, but the reality is that you need to post more information.What kind of computer do you have? Include CPU type/speed Include RAM type/speedThose are the basic... Read More »

I really want a dslr camera and i was wondering if there was any sites i could get them for really cheap?

At the corner of the street from the man wearing a black trenchcoat at the middle of the day. Ask for a dSLR and he'll open his coat to give you the wide selection you have for the day. Prices are ... Read More »

Is there any way that I can make my makeup look really,really?

I'm not sure that you can.No matter what you do, your class and beauty would still be shining through anything you might use to try and hide it..