Is there racial discrimination in the criminal justice system?

Answer On One Hand: Statistics Say YesAccording to the Drug Policy Alliance Network, despite accounting for only 13 percent of drug users in the U.S., blacks constitute 35 percent of all drug-related arre... Read More »

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In order to develope an understanding of the American criminal justic system one must recognize and evaluate the American criminal justice system. Is it to protect or punish?

no youcan not becase the cia works outside the us and the fbi always is in the us

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

Racial discrimination in the workplace has been a challenging issue for the United States since awareness rose in the 1960s. Blacks and other minority workers have faced intimidation, harassment an... Read More »

How to Prove Racial Discrimination?

Short of catching a manager on tape saying something like, "I don't care how qualified he is. No way I'm promoting a ________. Got to go, I have a _________ meeting in half an hour." It's hard to p... Read More »

What can be done to improve the criminal justice system?

Rising prison populations, the reversal of death sentences based on new evidence, and other developments have many Americans in the early 21st century asking how the criminal justice system can be ... Read More »