Is there public access to any online law libraries?

Answer There is limited public access to online law libraries. The majority of resources available on the Internet require registration for school faculty or students, or through a subscription service fo... Read More »

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How many public libraries are there in the USA?

Out of the estimated 122,566 libraries of all kinds in the United States, about 9,214 of them are public libraries, according to American Library Association statistics taken from the Public Librar... Read More »

How many public libraries are there in the United States?

According to the American Library Association, America has 9,214 public libraries as of 2010. If you include branches and central locations, this comes out to 16,604 buildings. Overall, the United ... Read More »

Why are public libraries important?

Public libraries are supported by tax dollars. Libraries consist of more than just books and are instrumental to society as sources of learning and education.Lifelong LearningThe International Fede... Read More »

How to Save Public Libraries?

Many public libraries across the country are facing severe budget cuts at the same time as the need for their services is growing. The America Library Association reports that access to free lntern... Read More »