Is there professional soccer in july in portugal?

Answer There are professional soccer games scheduled in July in Portugal. Usually these games are played toward the end of the month. The soccer season gets in full swing in August.Source:Portugese Soccer... Read More »

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How to Get Professional Soccer Tryouts?

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How to Become a Professional Soccer Player?

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Are there fireworks on the 4th of July on the London Eye?

There are no Fourth of July fireworks at the London Eye. Britain does not celebrate the Fourth of July--the holiday is a celebration of the United States' independence from Britain. There are, howe... Read More »

Hello...I am 37 weeks today and have been on magnesium since july 2nd. I was in the hospital on 2,3,4 of july?

If you stop taking the magnesium you will probably go into labor. If thats what you want to do, then stop them. Your baby will be okay if delivered now. I don't understand why he would induce you o... Read More »