Is there pork in collagen casings?

Answer Collagen casings contain no pork. They are manufactured, in part, from the corium layer of cows. This corium is extracted from the hides, between the hair and the layer of muscle and fat. Collagen ... Read More »

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Do all sausages have pork casings?

No.There's also beef, sheep, and collagen casings too.

Difference Between Collagen & Super Collagen?

As you age, the connective tissues in your body begin to break down, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. The production of collagen reduces with age and this protein is a vital compon... Read More »

What is that piece stuff in the can of pork and beans and why do they put it in there?

thats the pork part, it adds fat and flavor

How to Install Baseboards & Door Casings?

Door casing covers the gap between the door jambs and the finished walls. Baseboards do the same thing for the gaps between floors and walls. The moldings are more than aesthetic trim; they help st... Read More »