Is there pills that make you smarter and read 100 times faster?

Answer Fish Oil (Omega 3) is good for the brain -- that could be what they were talking about........I've been taking it for a while (and actually so do a lot of people) -- it's good for the brain, bones,... Read More »

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Is it possible to make my hair grow faster if so how & w/out pills if so?

No, hair grows at 1/2" a month, with very slight changes in February and August. The only exception would be if you have an illness that causes some growth problems. But those are rare. Take good c... Read More »

About Pills to Make Hair Grow Faster?

In search of thick, lustrous and long hair, many ask what will make their grow faster. Besides a healthy diet and proper hair care, such as getting trims, certain vitamins are essential for optimum... Read More »

How can I make a cut heal faster read on? dead serious, use mascing tape i play soccer and get turf burn when i slide tackle then when i puttape over it it turns into a scab within two days, then .......i guess peel the scab... Read More »

Will, getting a 2gb RAM(Read Only Memory) make my games work faster... or reck my computer?