Is there palm oil in becel?

Answer Yes. Becel states on its website that its margarine contains tropical oils from palms and palm kernels, which hardens the margarine without using the partially hydrogenated oils that contain trans ... Read More »

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Does Becel contain palm oil?

According to its website, Becel uses palm oil and palm kernel oil to harden its margarine. This avoids the use of partially hydrogenated oils with trans fatty acids that reduce the nutritional valu... Read More »

Is there a difference in saluting palm down or palm up?

A definitive answer as to why people salute with palm up or down is heavily debated. One possibility is that saluting with the palm facing down was originially done in order to hide any dirt or gri... Read More »

Is there a vegan margarine with no palm fruit/palm fruit oil?

There are so many different types now you almost need a doctorate.It is possibly that the manager of that section of the supermarket may know all about all of the different products, but I think th... Read More »

Is becel margarine gluten free?

Safeway has a brand of Becel margarine that is labeled gluten free....hope this helps