Is there no more weight to lose?

Answer I am the same as you only im around 105 lbs, but im so skinny you can see my ribs! Are you sure you need to lose pounds? Cause I mean with the way I am right now I know that if I weighed 87 lbs I w... Read More »

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How to Lose Weight by Eating More?

Certain foods take more energy to digest than they contribute. By eating these foods, you are depleting your store of fat and increasing your metabolism. Less fat, more energy = Win,win! More impor... Read More »

How to Lose More Weight Eating Raw Foods?

There are numerous diet plans available but the following steps can be added to your regular eating schedule. These steps are simple, common sense, and effective ways add raw and high fiber foods i... Read More »

How to Eat Less and Lose Weight by Chewing More?

Chewing your food thoroughly is great for your health. Not only does it aid digestion, but it helps you limit your portion size. It takes a while for the brain to realize that you are full. Chewing... Read More »

Am I good with my weight, or should I lose a little more?

It all depends on what you want to look like. Your incredibly strong, so most of your weight is from mussel, and if you are happy, then don't try to lose weight. If your friends say u need to lose ... Read More »