Is there no love in this world?

Answer Answer there is love in the world... love is ever where.... lots of people love eachother... dont forget that...taylor

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How to Love World?

Sometimes you can find it difficult to love the world, because you find so much pain, wars, unfairness, sadness... It seems that there aren't any hope at all. This article helps you to find your wa... Read More »

How to Spread Love Throughout the World?

Spreading love throughout the world may seem a hard job for anyone to do, but anyone can do it! The world is not just America, so by meeting people from across the world will enhance your chances o... Read More »

What are some albums that you think are really great and you would love the World to know about?

hello Lawmanthis was such an epic question that I'm simply answering so i'll have it on my list of answersi can't wait to look into many of the records mentioned above..just a random 10 albums "For... Read More »

R&P: What Group/Artist do you think the world should love as much as you do?

Bauhaus and Peter Murphy's (the singer of Bauhaus') solo work. Very underrated, imo.Peter Murphy songs:Cuts You Up…All Night Long Read More »