Is there melamine in coffeemate?

Answer Coffee-Mate creamer includes trace amounts of melamine. According to Coffee-Mate's parent company, Nestle, a small child would have to drink three liters of milk a day to suffer any side effects fr... Read More »

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What is melamine used for?

Melamine was originally used to make nearly unbreakable dishes. It is sometimes used as a filler in livestock and pet food. While not toxic, it can lead to kidney failure. It was the substance foun... Read More »

Does dry milk have melamine in it?

Dry milk, or any milk product, should not contain melamine, according to Food Safety News. Some companies, however, have put melamine in milk products illegally to falsify the protein content on th... Read More »

What is melamine foil?

Melamine is a white crystalline compound, originally used for tanning leather. It is made into resin coatings, sometimes called foils. It is found in everything from duct work, to dishes, to the la... Read More »

Does nutro max contain melamine?

Melamine is not an ingredient in current Nutro Max products. However, two Nutro Max products were involved in the melamine pet food recall in 2007. The first was Large Breed Adult Beef & Rice Dinne... Read More »