Is there meat or beef in a chewing gum?

Answer I did not find any but there are imposters such as a fruit flavoured Bologna shaped gum and an Italian Meatball shaped Gum. The Inuit of the North chew on whale and seal blubber which is fat, and a... Read More »

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How to Make Roast Beef Flavored Chewing Gum in "HoboWars"?

"HoboWars" is an online role-playing game in which the ultimate goal is to increase the strength, power, intelligence and wealth of the customizable hobo. Throughout the game, the character comes a... Read More »

What cut of meat was this (beef)?

it could have been shredded beef brisket.

Is bison meat better that beef?

On One Hand: Nutritionally superiorAccording to the National Bison Association, researchers at North Dakota State University have shown that bison meat has a fraction of the fat and calories found ... Read More »

Why is buffalo meat leaner than beef?

With only a quarter million buffalo being raised on ranches and farms throughout North America, producers make a strong effort to keep the buffalo meat leaner than beef. The feed given to the anima... Read More »