Is there meat or beef in a chewing gum?

Answer I did not find any but there are imposters such as a fruit flavoured Bologna shaped gum and an Italian Meatball shaped Gum. The Inuit of the North chew on whale and seal blubber which is fat, and a... Read More »

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How to Make Roast Beef Flavored Chewing Gum in "HoboWars"?

"HoboWars" is an online role-playing game in which the ultimate goal is to increase the strength, power, intelligence and wealth of the customizable hobo. Throughout the game, the character comes a... Read More »

What cut of meat was this (beef)?

it could have been shredded beef brisket.

Is beef meat illegal in india?

No it isn't illegal, although because of religious reasons many choose not to.In tune with the varied demands of the market, the above range of products are available in different weights and quant... Read More »

Why is buffalo meat leaner than beef?

With only a quarter million buffalo being raised on ranches and farms throughout North America, producers make a strong effort to keep the buffalo meat leaner than beef. The feed given to the anima... Read More »