Is there magnetic paint?

Answer A company called Magnamagic is the inventor of Magnetic Paint. Magnetic Paint can be used as a top coat with any kind of paint. The paint is made by mixing non-rusting iron particles with water-bas... Read More »

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DIY Magnetic Paint?

Magnetic paint allows you to transform any wall, tabletop or paintable surface into an area where you can attach notes, artwork or picture frames with magnets to reduce nail holes in your walls. Lo... Read More »

How strong is magnetic paint?

Magnetic paint allows you to make wood, walls, drywall and other plaster surfaces about as magnetic as a refrigerator door. Flat magnets can be used to post photos or other papers to the painted su... Read More »

Is chalkboard paint magnetic?

Most chalkboard paint available is not magnetic, although there are some specialty brands that sell magnetic chalkboard paint. However, if you'd like to create a magnetic chalkboard, you can buy a ... Read More »

Do magnetic ribbons cause problems on car paint?

Contrary to the urban myth chain letters, magnetic signs and ribbons will not eat through paint. If you trap grit under them they can scratch if moved around. And if you leave them on they will pro... Read More »