Is there laws against adopted minors communicating with birth parents?

Answer The law that says you are a minor and your parents decides over you. There are open adoptions so if the parents agree with each other when the adoption take place the child and birth parents can st... Read More »

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If you are 16 and adopted can you start looking for your birth parents without permission from your adopted parents?

Is it illegal for an outsider to tell an adopted child who is still under aged the whereabouts of his birth parents or tell the birth parents the whereabouts of the adopted child?

That can be extremely harmful for the child. If that was my child I would forbid you to ever see him again. That would be breaking a trust. If you have the need to tell you wait until they are 18 a... Read More »

Oregon's Laws on Transporting Minors Across State Lines by Foster Parents?

Foster parents in Oregon provide a safe temporary home for children who need one because their own parents have died, abandoned them, or otherwise cannot adequately care for them. Children in foste... Read More »

What if your adopted parents put unknown parents to the birth certificate do you have the rights of their property?