Is there land under the south pole?

Answer The landmass under the South Pole is part of the continent of Antarctica, which contains 90 percent of the world's ice. Approximately 6 million cubic miles of ice covers most of the continent's sur... Read More »

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Does the North Pole or the South Pole have no land under it?

The North Pole has no land under it, just the Arctic Ocean, while the South Pole sits on the continent of Antarctica. The thickness of ice at the North Pole depends on the season and weather condit... Read More »

Is there landmass under the ice in the South Pole?

The South Pole is located on the continent of Antarctica. However, almost the entire continent is covered in ice, which if melted would cause a global sea level rise of about 200 feet.Source:U.S. N... Read More »

Is there more ice at the north pole or the south pole?

There is more ice at the South Pole because Antarctica's land cover is better able to accumulate snow, and subsequent ice. Since the North Pole has a greater land mass amount, it does not cool as q... Read More »

How much land is under the North Pole?

The North Pole lies at the top of the Earth, in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Even though the Arctic Ocean is almost always frozen at the North Pole, it is still an ocean and because of that fact... Read More »